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                  About us Culture Equipments Story

                  Zhejiang Yueya Engine Limited Company

                  is located in the second-tier city Huangyan in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. With active private economy, the city has a good reputation of “City of Mould”. Since the city is 27 kilometers away from Luqiao Airport to its east,1.8 kilometers away from entrance/exit of G15 highway, 6 kilometers away from Taizhou HSR station and 1 kilometers away from high-speed around the city of Taizhou, the transportation is very convenient. Founded in July 2013,the company is a start-up specialized in developing, producing and selling high quality motor engines.

                  There are more than 100 employees in the company, with around 20 skilled technicians, 5 senior engineers and no less than 20 managers. What’s more, it has professional technical developing teams, manufacturing teams as well as after-sales service teams. In order to pursue high quality products, small parts of engines are provided by excellent joint ventures’ brands in China. Our company possesses an advanced production line and other equipments, such as COSMO air tightness testing instrument, Japanese RHREEBOND professional coating machine, automatic spray cleaning machine and etc. The main products are about 10 types of engines, including 1P50QMG、1P49QMG、1P50QMH-GGC、1P50QMH-KZL、1P57MJ、257MN, which are also sold to Guangdong and Southeast Asian countries.

                  In 2014, the company got China Compulsory Certification of product. In the same year, “6S” management system was implemented, which standardizes enterprise operation and improves company culture.

                  For ensuring high quality of separate components, our company is equipped with professional testing instruments, such as hardometer, SRM surface roughness measuring instrument, Spring tension and compression testing machine and etc. In order to make our products take the lead, the whole process of making main parts is completely under our control including product designing, mould developing, pressure casting, fine machining and product inspection.

                  From the day that the company has founded, we hold a belief firmly, that is, striving for survival on high quality, occupying market by credibility and seeking for booming with good service. Our company is specialized in developing high quality engines, getting rid of low prices competition in the field. More importantly, we firmly regard customers’ benefits as the principle of our services. With advanced equipments and professional teams as our advantages as well as long-term development goals, we supply high quality and high performance motor engines.

                  +86 576 84899922
                  Taizhou huangyan district beicheng street development zone north road no. 1
                  Copyright © Zhejiang Yueya Engine Limited Company    All Rights Reserved    Design & Optimize:起創信息

                  Copyright © Zhejiang Yueya Engine Limited Company    All Rights Reserved    Design & Optimize:起創信息
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